COVID-19 Response


BYSA’s Reponse to COVID-19 


Hi All,

In these uncertain times, BYSA would like to advise our community of the steps we are taking as an organisation in response to the developments regarding COVID-19. 

As most of you are aware, BYSA is a youth led organisation devoted to supporting the most vulnerable young people in our community. Our greatest asset as an organisation is the relationship and trust that we share with our young people as well as the ability to be responsive, agile and flexible in our approach. 

It is with these assets that BYSA has continued to have the capacity to be innovative and adaptable to the ever-changing climates that exist within our communities and sector. This includes being prepared to respond to this current crisis. It is crucial that BYSA is not closed during this time of need and therefore the following adjustments will be made:

  • For the next two weeks, we will be reducing physical contact with young people and moving to other strategies to ensure we continue engagement and current programs. We will be contacting all young people to ensure they have adequate access to the internet and technology to continue to access BYSA services. For those who may not have technological access, we will work together to devise a strategy to ensure they continue to be supported throughout this time. 
  • All contact can be made in the following ways:

– Phone (02) 98312095

– Email:

– Facebook Messenger:

– Instagram Messenger” @blacktownbysa

  • A huge component of our work is to ensure that young people in our community have access to their essential needs including access to food & hygiene packs. BYSA will continue this support and young people are encouraged to contact our team as required. 
  • Mentoring and Crisis support will be provided virtually (online) by our team to all young people that are a part of the BYSA community throughout our operational hours of 10am – 7pm (Mon-Fri). This also includes new referrals. 
  • Projects and programs will continue online. Current participants will be contacted and updated on the progress of their project and how they will be involved during this time.
  • Young people remain at the forefront and centre of everything we do, therefore we continue to be advised by our young people who are the experts. Our young people have lived experiences of social isolation, disadvantage and poverty which also means they have the solutions of how to respond to this situation.

We continue to work closely with and seek guidance from our young people and leadership team as we move forward with this strategy. As always, BYSA remains strong and resilient in the face of adversity. We will continue to foster and support the community and family we have built, NO MATTER WHAT.

We welcome any feedback and suggestions regarding this statement and look forward to continuing to build a safe, supportive and compassionate community for young people.

Thank you, 



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